I am a Devonian, born and bred.
I was brought up in South Molton, a small market town in North Devon with a strong rural background, which has influenced me deeply.

I’ve always loved the open air, exercise and animals – domestic, and wild. I’ve spent many happy hours on the farm – and continue to – which can perhaps be seen in much of my work.
I find the challenge of photographing flora and fauna, and birds especially, endlessly stimulating.

I enjoy riding my bicycle which gives me the opportunity to get out and about in my beloved countryside with minimal impact, to observe and to encounter subjects for my photography – often unexpectedly.

I am entirely self-taught as a photographer. But having worked in many different settings, with a great variety of people, I have the benefit of wide experience – and useful friends, not to mention critical colleagues! – to draw upon.

My ambition is to develop further as a portrayer of the countryside I know and love.