My Published Books

To date I have published sixteen books of my photographs including one jointly with Dr. Richard Westcott. Of these sixteen I have made available thirteen books for previewing. The photographs contained within my books were mainly taken when I was out and about on my bicycle with my camera strapped to my back.
The first book ‘Biking around Talaton and beyond’ was a bit of an experiment containing many black and white images; being my first book it is probably my favourite and has sold well.
The second book ‘My favourite places and photographs’ includes photographs taken on Exmoor, in Scotland and Ireland.
The third book ‘A collection of images’ contains subjects taken mainly on and around my husband’s farm.
The fourth book 'Snows of South Molton January 2010' is a record of the snow falls in and around my home town of South Molton on the edge of Exmoor, January 2010.
The fifth book 'Unnoticed South Molton' is a collection of poetry written by Dr. Richard Westcott and supported with my photography. It contains small curiosities, which often go unnoticed in and around the market town of South Molton.
The sixth book 'Images of Autumn', it is a collection of photographs taken out and about in the countryside during the months of October and November.
The seventh book 'Black and White' is a collection of my favourite photographs, including a lot of new material, printed in black and white.
The eighth and ninth books are a collection of photographs taken with my relatively new Macro lens, this lens allows me to take photographs of generally very small subjects and with such details and high quality - all very interesting and fascinating.
The tenth book 'Snowdon and Beyond' is a collection of photographs taken when I was on holiday in North Wales.
The eleventh book 'Parys Mountain and beyond' is again a collection of photographs taken when I was on holiday in North Wales.
The twelfth book 'Loch Awe, Isles of Mull & Iona' is a collection of photographs taken while on holiday at Loch Awe in Scotland October time.
The thirteenth book 'Photographs' is literally a collection of some of my favourite photographs as taken, many are repeats from previous books. but with much new material.
The books I have made available for previewing can be viewed by clicking on their various links as listed on the links tab at the top of my website.